March 21, 2019

Exercise Tips For Boosting Metabolism In The Holiday Season


Metabolism is something we all do, unknowingly. It’s an automatic chemically directed process of the body that sustains life in all living organisms. Metabolism is summed up in two antithetical processes that feed each other.

The first is the breaking down of nutrients to obtain energy. And the second is the use of this energy to provide the cells with the fuel it needs to function.

Nutrition is fundamental to metabolism as some of the nutrients the body needs can only be obtained from outside sources and not internally synthesized. This means we need to get them from our foods. And since it’s the holiday season, well, the risk of overeating just quadrupled.

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Fear not, this article is about how to condition your body to engage the actions that boost your metabolism. It’s free advice to prevent the guilt that usually attends binge eating during festive seasons. Thank me later

Lift Weights

You just know this is a given. More muscular people naturally have a higher metabolism rate. This means the body uses more calories ingested to maintain the muscles, almost 3 times more than fat cells. So in layman terms, if you lift weights, you can eat more and worry less about piling on weight. Great peck right?

Move Around

Adopt a lifestyle that embraces moving around. When you stay on the go, you use more calories, which in turn gives your metabolism a boost. Save time for a stroll, use the stairs, stand on your feet, expend energy, it’s good for you

Try Interval Sprints

I’ve had many people complain to me that they aren’t losing fat even though they run or even walk. And I always ask: ‘what tempo do you use when you take a walk or run? Short high-intensity training has been proven to be more effective for fat loss than long slow cardio. An intense 20 minutes HIIT will burn more calories than a 45-minute walk.  Try speed runs to enliven your cardio sessions.

Body Weight Exercises

You can build muscle, lose fat, tone and do a host of things using just bodyweight exercises, did I hear someone say calisthenics? And there’s an encyclopedia worth of content for effective bodyweight exercises. Try muscle ups, traditional push-ups, chin/pull ups, burpees, high knees etc. They burn heavy calories in a short time. I dare you to try and see if you don’t end up panting

Cardio Machine

This is a favorite for many ladies. It’s a staple in almost all gyms and they work if you use them right. Think treadmills, cycling bikes and other machines for cardio. For effective use of these machines, make sure you are pushing yourself on them, not just leisurely gliding, sliding, pedaling or doing whatever else.

Consistency and rest

One rule stands. In fitness, what counts is only the effort you put in today. You can’t carry over the benefits of workouts into tomorrow. So do today’s work today and stay consistently paying your dues each day. In time, the gains pile up and you see big changes. Rest days are also key because overtraining without rest can slow down your metabolism rate. So do the work but by all means, take time to recover and come back with a vim

Check some inspiration metabolism booster routines out below

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