July 22, 2018

“Expect an album from me in 2014” – Naeto C

www.sabinews.com: What does the Channel O awards nomination mean to you?

Naeto C: Channel O nomination is a great acknowledgement. After working hard, putting out music for people to enjoy, dance to and be happy when they listen, It’s great that an African platform, a pan-African platform such as Channel O that encompasses 52 countries in Africa; to get notice on such a platform is a great acknowledgement, a blessing; it’s a humbling experience and I’m just looking forward to the award show.

www.sabinews.com: There are many artists in Africa, who are you looking forward to collaborating with?

Naeto C: I’m going to be hosting the Channel O awards with a friend of mine AKA in South-Africa and we’ve already started working on some material. He’s a great guy, we have great chemistry together, we are planning to work a lot more and come up with great songs and let the whole of Africa hear and share in the moments that we were able to create.

www.sabinews.com: 2014 around the corner, what should we expect from Neato C?

Naeto C: Definitely expect an album, some more videos and I want to pay so much attention to my fans, give them the kind of music and quality they need and to take the brand to greater heights not just in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole.

www.sabinews.com: Can you tell us a little more about the album. Are you going to be rapping or singing?

Naeto C: To be honest, if you’ve listen one any of my albums, you’d notice that I rap, I sing and what have you. So I mean there’s going to be rapping and singing, but my singing is not like singing singing, because I’m not actually a singer per se though Africa likes singing…they like to sing songs as well as rap…but I think they like to sing songs more than they rap. But it’s going to be singing rapping and a lot of collaborations not just with artistes but with producers and most of which I still want to keep as surprise. People already know records like Tony Montana remix with D’banj but we are working on a couple other collaborations that we want to put on the album just to give the fans a great experience when they do get to buy the album.

www.sabinews.com: What do you think is the future of rap in Africa?

In terms of what I think about the future of rap, I think rap is going to evolve and we’d just continue to fine tune what we know as rap to what African people can accept and enjoy and can connect to. That’s what I’ve always done with my own career. I’ve been looking for a balance between conventional rap and what my people can connect to. I think it’s going to evolve and it’s already evolving. It’s all about being creative and looking for an innovative way to bring your art form and music to people so that they’d listen to it and say ‘this is cool…this is different…this is nice’.

www.sabinews.com: How has marriage been?

For an individual who is an artiste and a regular human as well, marriage is another phase in life. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful situation to start a family. I mean, every young man wants to start a family someday; I’d assume I’ve been blessed to be in a situation to make that happen. So it’s just a blessing. As a person, it makes me happy; it provides a certain level of fulfillment in my personal life and not just as an artiste.

www.sabinews.com: How do you relate with female fans?

Naeto C: Even when I was single, there has never been a situation when my female fans were crazy. I haven’t really had an issue in terms of how I relate with my female fans. I might have fans as young as ten, nine and I have fans as old as seventy-five, seventy; I have a wide demographic of fans both male and female. Specifically for the female, I’ve never had an issue and I just think my fans give me that respect which I appreciate. Off course I respect my fans at the same time. There has never been an issue of crossing a certain type of line. For me it has never been an issue.

www.sabinews.com: What would you never do to a fan?

Naeto C: I’m only human and I can’t be perfect, to be honest. One thing I don’t want to do to my fans is disappoint them but being a human being, sometimes you might put out a record that you believe in and sometimes your fans may not believe In that record: they might end up a little bit disappointed but that just comes with territory. Fans help build your career, it’s important to have a great relationship with your fans. Respect your fans, show appreciation to your fans and not forget your fans, that’s definitely one thing I can’t afford to do which is forget my fans. Without my fans I can’t be where I am; I always have to remember my fans and keep that at the back of my mind.

www.sabinews.com: You’ve never really had scandal as an artiste, how do you keep your head?

To be honest it’s difficult to answer that question because I just go about life like a normal person. I’m not the type of person that looks forward to situations. I try to be responsible in terms of how I carry myself as an individual and an artiste. Based on that, I think I’ve been able to avoid certain kinds of situations that can be called drama or controversy or whatever. But I’ve had my fair share of situations that didn’t really go anywhere to be honest, that’s just the life of being an entertainer.

Every issue I’ve had I’ve handled them professionally. I guess as a public figure you’d always be a target to some people and it’s a natural type of situation but as long as you have the right principles nobody can ever pin you down to anything negative. Nobody has succeeded in trying to pin me down to anything negative. I just want to keep things that way…whenever somebody wants to take advantage of me being a public figure anybody we just have to be professional the way we handle it.


www.sabinews.com: Most music artistes come from humble backgrounds and you are one of the few who is born with a silver spoon, what’s your relationship like with them?

We all come from humble backgrounds, some of us may be more privileged than others but in my eyes, that doesn’t make one better than the other person. We are still people and I think it’s very important to treat people like people. Treat people how you want to be treated. I have a great rapport with all kinds of artistes from different backgrounds and what is most important is the fact that we all work within the same industry; we respect one another based on individual talents, skills and our personalities. I relate very well with all kinds of artistes both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Some people will be ignorant especially when they don’t know who you are but when they get to meet you they realize this person is just like me in a lot of different ways. My opinion is that people always have opinions but at the end of the day, it is what it is.


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