Experts explain why Zuma Rock caught fire

Experts explain why Zuma Rock caught fire

This week, one of the most trending news was of one of Nigeria’s famous landmarks – Zuma Rock -‘catching fire.’

All sorts of reasons have been given for the ‘strange’ incident, with the most popular being voodoo. In a bid to provide verifiable explanation for the incidence, Daily Trust spoke to an expert who gave a scientific perspective on the matter.

Geologist and lecturer at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Dr. Kistso Ngargbu, said if it wasn’t grasses on the rock that caught fire but rather the rock itself that was on fire, then it would be a volcanic phenomenon.

Dormant volcanoes, Ngargbu said, exist on the plateau, then at the border between Nigeria and Cameroun on Mount Cameroun and a few within the interior like Zuma and Wase rocks.

What provoked some of the concerns was that the fire came after some rainfall, which in people’s view was odd.

But even though the incident took place after rainfall, Ngargbu, a member of the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS) said, “If it is after rainfall and a particular boulder or broken pieces of the rock got saturated with water, that’s the contact between heat and the main rock body.  Read more 


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