Facebook hides secret basketball game inside Facebook Messenger

Facebook hides secret basketball game inside Facebook Messenger

In honour of the March Madness basketball tournament, Facebook has hidden another minigame inside its Messenger app.

The Easter egg game is a paper toss style set-up where you challenge a friend to ‘flick’ basketballs into a hoop and see who can get the most in a row. However, apart from the challenge to hide what you’re doing from your boss, the game gets harder after 10-points as the backboard starts moving around, getting faster the more you score.

What you need to do is open a new chat using the Facebook Messenger app and send a basketball emoji to the friend you want to play, then click on the basketball emoji again. Your screen will then transform to show a b-ball and awaiting net. Just use your finger to swipe up on the ball in the direction of the net to swish your way to a wasteful afternoon. Your high score will be shared with your friend, where they take a turn to beat it. Read more

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