July 17, 2018

Facebook is watching you, closely

Facebook is watching you, closely

I read this article Facebook is following you around the web last week and put it down to the writer’s overactive imagination.

I am very suspicious of apps and sites that ask for certain permissions to your mobile (what does a torchlight app need with my contacts?) I have always thought Facebook to be above such snooping. In fact, I believed that you have control over what Facebook sees and has access to.

That belief has changed.

From the article:

“Facebook is following you around the web. You knew that, right? How else would it know to serve you with 7 000 ads for wedding dress vendors the very day you announce your engagement? How, my friend, could it deliver that invitation to “like” the Doritos Locos taco when you had only just yourself realised that you were craving terrible Mexican food?

Facebook knows what you like. It knows what you don’t like. It probably knows whether you have been naughty or nice, and will be selling that data to Santa this Christmas season.”

A few days ago I met someone and started chatting with someone on whatsapp. The very next day, who turns up in my Facebook friend suggestion list but this person? We have just one friend in common. How come I never got the suggestion before?

And then this:

Privacy matters, but privacy is not free. And the best people to assess the tradeoffs between privacy, access, and convenience are probably the individuals wielding the mouse, rather than the activists wielding the megaphone.

Truth is that the tradeoff will always happen. The important thing however is to be aware of the risks involved.

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