Youtube partners L’Oréal to launch beauty vlog school

Youtube partners L’Oréal to launch beauty vlog school

If you’ve ever fancied learning what it takes to become a global beauty vlogging sensation, then today is your lucky day because YouTube have launched a school teaching you, well, just that.

Okay, so the downside is that it’s only happening in France right now, but something tells us that they will expand over to here in the UK quicker than we can say Zoella.

According to Teen Vogue (via WWD), ten lucky aspiring vloggers will get the chance to find out what it takes to become an Internet sensation like Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, Ingrid Nilsen and so on, thanks to YouTube and L’Oréal Paris.

The site reports that the ten future #TeamInternet personalities will take part in an online beauty school, learning ‘the ins-and-outs of the beauty industry’, production and audience development from L’Oréal Paris and YouTube executives during a six month programme. Read more

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