What’s a day without a cup or two of tea? I’m not talking Mai shai. Think Green, Black, Camomile, Raspberry, Strawberry or any berry for that matter. I know, I Know.

Your father drank tea and so did your uncles so you figured tea is for old men. And oh, yes you think coffee is cool because the aroma gives an olfactory massage but read this piece and be converted by the Gospel of Tea.


  1. First things first, tea is way easier to make than coffee

Unless you’re a fan of instant coffee (which is not the real thing at all), you need a machine to make coffee and might even have to grind some beans. To make tea, all you need is boiling water, tea and a cup. It’s that simple.

  1. Green tea could have the power to help keep your bones healthy

For older people, studies have shown that drinking green tea may help lessen the risk of osteoporotic bone fractures.

  1. Drinking unsweetened black tea could help fix bad breath

If you have a ‘smelly mouth problem’ aka bad breath aka halitosis, researchers at the University of Chicago College of Dentistry found that black tea contains chemical components called polyphenols that slow down the formation of plaque-causing bacteria and helps combat the condition.

  1. It is considered a “necessity of life” in China, so maybe it should be for you, too

We know the Chinese have the right ideas when it comes to matters of nutrition and health. In China, tea is considered one of the things “people cannot do without every day,” according to the proverbial “seven necessities of life” created by the Sung Chinese people. Why not borrow the tradition?

  1. Tea has the power to sooth and calm you down

Some research has suggested that valerian root tea could act as a safe and effective mild natural sleep aid. So, after that long day, relax, put your feet up and have a cup of tea.

  1. It’s kind of a presidential order

If the President of the United States is obsessed with tea, then you should be too. One of the changes Obama is reported to have made in the White House was stocking his favorite brand of organic tea in all the fridges. See? It’s not an ‘oyibo’ thing.

  1. It could relieve your seasonal allergies before you even get them.

Sufferers of seasonal allergies, like the harmattan sniffles, may want to start their day with a cup of nettle leaf tea as a preliminary study has found that it “slightly improves allergy symptoms.”

  1. Some experts believe that drinking tea can sometimes be better than drinking water

Researchers at the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that tea rehydrates you just as much as water does by replacing fluids in your body. And because tea has antioxidants, there’s an added bonus. “Water is essentially replacing fluid. Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so it’s got two things going for it,” public health nutritionist Dr. Carrie Ruxton said in an interview with BBC.

  1. Afternoon tea

The beauty of tea is not just all the qualities listed above but the fact that it can be accompanied by a light snack: sandwiches and even puff puff, bridging what could be a lengthy gap between lunch and dinner.


So you see, tea has a lot going for it. Why not make a cup and read some more amazing articles on staging.sabinews.com?


Adapted from Huffington Post


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