Fashion Tips for Short Men

Fashion Tips for Short Men

In her piece A smallie’s guide to being a happy smallie, Lucia says, ‘This guide is for female smallies. If you are a male smallie, I can’t help you. Here’s a piece of advice though: Try and be cute and famous, like Korede Bello.’


Korede Bello has more than his cuteness and fame going for him. Have you seen how the boy dresses? Presentation  is half that battle. Here are eight tips to help your wardrobe and make sure you don’t get the attention you deserve.

1. Fit comes first. Wearing baggy clothes make you look short and weak. Only wear clothes that fit your body. You’ll look taller and stronger.

2. Being well-dressed makes you more confident. Being the most well-dressed person in the room makes you more confident. People will take you more seriously and see you as a professional.

3. Wear medium rise pants. Wear medium or even high rise pants so your body will look more well-balanced.

4. You can look smart… without a tie

5. Don’t forget the shoes. Wearing high-quality shoes makes you memorable. Choose your favorite brand and go for the best shoes.

6. Fill your pocket with squares. Wearing a pocket square helps you stand out.

7. Know your color tone. By knowing your color tone, you can choose colors that match you. For example, cool color tone matches with blue and warm color tone matches with orange.

8. Wear quality clothes. It’s better to have three great outfits than 30 bad outfits.


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