FBI Arrest A Suspect for The Mail Bomb Scare Targeting Notable Figures

FBI Arrest A Suspect for The Mail Bomb Scare Targeting Notable Figures


The FBI traced fingerprint found on one of the mail bombs and this led to the arrest of Cesar Sayoc, the man increasingly being seen as connected, if not responsible for the mail bombs targeting notable figures in US politics

Hours before his arrest, Cesar Sayoc was playing music sets at a Florida strip club.

Few there were aware of his political views.

‘He was a nice guy,’ Stacy Saccal, the club’s general manager said. ‘He would make jokes, just funny.’

Cesar Sayoc is a 56-year-old Trump Supporter, as his activities on social media and stickers on his white Dodge van shows. He held a string of different jobs over the years. Sometimes DJ-ing at clubs, working as a bouncer and much recently driver for a pizza delivery van.

Sayoc was arrested Friday after federal authorities said he sent 14 pipe bombs through the US mail to prominent Democrats around the country. None of the bombs detonated, and no one was injured. He’s facing federal charges and could receive up to 48 years in prison if convicted.


Who is Cesar Sayoc?

The investigation is ongoing. But here are some quick facts about Sayoc.

Sayoc is a bodybuilder and former male dancer. He currently calls himself a choreographer and booking agent for male strippers and burlesque shows, as shown on his LinkedIn


On Twitter, he said he is a ‘Current Booking Agent/Sales/Marketing/Promotions/Project Mgr Live Events’ at Seminole Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida. His account has been deleted by Twitter after his arrest.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida, Seminole Gaming and Hard Rock International have denied this claim saying there was ‘no evidence’ the suspect is or was a member or was employed by any of the three groups.

They also said they could not immediately ‘verify if he is or was an employee of a vendor company.’

His family seems shocked he could be responsible for the attacks that spread fear round the country.

A cousin, Lenny Altieri, said Sayoc went to good schools and was well-educated. ‘Brains and common sense are not synonymous,’ he said.

Sayoc was a dropout of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte from 1983 to 1984, the school’s communications office said. He was an undeclared major who played on the soccer team.

He also went to Brevard College in North Carolina, a school spokeswoman said. He enrolled at Brevard in fall 1980 and attended classes there for three semesters but also dropped out.

He used to deliver food for a pizza restaurant in Fort Lauderdale until he quit in January. He said he had gotten a job driving a hazardous waste truck in North Carolina, manager Debra Gureghian said

Criminal History.

Court records show he had been arrested at least nine times, mostly in Florida, for accusations of grand theft, battery, fraud, drug possession and probation violations.

His social media activity also showed he leaned toward far-right ideologies, even describing himself as a white supremacist and telling a lesbian colleague that ‘people like her and other minorities’ deserve to be put on an island.

Gureghian says Sayoc never hid his views but ‘was a model employee,’ She adds that she ‘can’t understand’ how he would allegedly send mail bombs.

The case is still developing.

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