FCT Minister Finally Resumes Work

FCT Minister Finally Resumes Work

FCT Minister, Mohammed Bello, since his swearing, in has been operating as a ghost minister. I have had cause to ask on this page if we really have a FCT Minister, I nearly put an advert for missing persons as he was virtually non-existent. I said the FCT as the seat of power deserves better representation and leadership.

The crime rate in the city has doubled, people are being robbed daily, and car snatching is now common place in the city. Dirt has taken over the city with most of the traffic lights dead and the most annoying of all, the FCT has now turned into a grazing route as herdsmen have taken over the city. We now compete with cattle for right of way on the major roads in Abuja and it has become embarrassing. We were all asking if we really had a minister or someone masquerading as a minister Read more

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