March 22, 2019

Fellow Nigerians, let’s send Buhari back to Daura- Viola Okolie

Fellow Nigerians, let’s send Buhari back to Daura- Viola Okolie


In a couple of days, we will head to the polls armed with our permanent voters cards for the epoch making event that would make or mar Nigeria as we know it.

I have been reading reports of eminent international observers and influential figures cancelling their intended trips to Nigeria to monitor the conduct of what is supposed to be a credible democratic process because the ‘strong man’ of Kaduna has issued ‘body bag’ warnings to them.

I would do same if someone should issue me such a mind chilling threat.


Is it not instructive to think that the government in power does not care how it sounds when they threaten the world with violence and to kill off what may best be described as “ambassadors” to the democratic process simply because they realize that they have lost the goodwill of the people and can only retain power through a brazen disregard of any human rights available?


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With such a threat from El-Rufai and the support given to him by the government, the process has been laid for massive rigging at all levels.

For those of you who have been in the streets, are you aware that we will not be thumb printing ballots but using our index fingers?

How many of those in the villages who have thumb printed since long time ‘imo river’ will remember that the honorable thumb has been rigged out of this process?



Who would want to guess which partisan voters are going to be affected most by this late hour reversal of the norm?


Which party do you think are going to harvest “void votes” through this “penariti kick” that the party in power has awarded themselves at this 99th hour?


But that is even a small thing compared to the carnage that is being prepared and the tone that is being set by some of these our politicians in their desperate bid to retain power.


The threats of violence.


Is it not shameful that a 59-year-old Nigerian can not be counted upon to conduct a simple process like an election?

When we crowned Goodluck Jonathan our hero – yes we did, if you don’t like it go and pick stones from a bag of beans – it was not because we were delusional like people tried to make it seem then.






This was a man who had instruments of power.

He knew, just like President Buhari knows, that trooping out to the polls is just an exercise in democratic showmanship.

He knew that the real decider to who stays in power is not the ballots cast, but the effective use of the instruments of power.


He could have assigned security forces to the most troublesome areas to be on standby to deal with any potential troublemaker.

Anyone who tried anyhow would have seen anyhow.

Last last, after one week of venting annoyance, everybody would calm down and life would continue as usual with plenty plenty grumbling and complaining.

Life a na aga aga.

That is how we are as Nigerians but…


…Jonathan refused to do that.


He honored the will of the people.


He didn’t have to.


He was in power.

He had the instruments of power.

He could wield power.


Who wan die, make e die.


But he didn’t.


Hence, whether you like it or yes; Goodluck Ebele Jonathan = Hero of Democracy!






C’est finis.




This is not about Jonathan.




In 2011, he lost elections.

After weeping like Judas when he discovered there was no gratification to be got from receiving thirty pieces of silver to betray Jesus, what next?


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The blood of the dogs and the blood of the baboons.


They ran freely in the streets of Northern Nigeria.


Only that this time, it wasn’t dogs and baboons that lost their lives – it was real human beings.


Useful elements.


Bread winners.


Prides of their families and communities.


Young starry-eyed graduates who just finished serving their country as adhoc INEC staff.


They were the dogs and baboons that Buhari’s supporters slaughtered freely and the reformed democrat was not so reformed then, so when his attention was called to the fact that his supporters were running wild and needed to be called to order, what was his response?


Well, in case you don’t know, he felt it was a willful expression of the disappointment his supporters felt at being denied the chance to see their god of men rule over the affairs of men with a mortal claw.


C’est finis.


Collateral damage.


That is how Buhari as incapacitated as he is, understood the loss of young lives whose blood was so unfairly laid to tar his path to Aso Rock – a job he has since proven so woefully unable to execute.

And in case you missed it, that is also his present disposition to any post election violence, hence his call for “fitina” at one of his rallies a couple of days ago.


I fear for my country Nigeria.


My blood runs cold in my veins when I think of the forth coming elections and unworthy as I am, I pray for God to take control.


Buhari and the APC know that they will lose a free and fair election – Nigerians are angry.


And they will express that anger the only way they know how – with their votes.


Unfortunately, Buhari and the APC are not here to smile.

They have also abandoned all pretensions at “reformed democrats”; they know what power is at their disposal and they are willing to use it.


From burning down INEC offices (and PVCs) in select opposition hotspots; to ensuring post electoral litigation can be filtered through a hand picked judge.

From calling for violence during the elections to scaring off international observers and trying to run Amnesty International out of the country.

From changing thumb printing protocols to only God knows whatever ace they have up their sleeves.


And in case you think you have only the compromised Nigerian Police Force and the military to worry about, remember that the unofficial enforcement arm of this administration – The Fulani Herdsmen – are also on standby.

And international observers and human rights watchdogs are being scared off so that there would be no evidence to tender after the fact.


Nigeria worries me.


Please dear fellow Nigerians, cast your vote but eschew any attempt at unnecessary heroics. Maintain a law-abiding stance at all times and be vigilant.


Cast your votes. Protect your votes. Wait to see your votes counted. Then make your way home.


Let Buhari and his minions go and hit their head against a wall in frustration.


The die is cast.


February 16th is Buhari’s date with electoral destiny.


Whatever antics he tries, the people have had enough.


Buhari’s report card had been read and he has F9 parallel in all subjects.


From economy to security to education and health – think of it, he has been scored F9 in it.


He has been demoted back to cattle grazing in Daura (I would have said “livestock”, but he doesn’t know what that word means).


Back to Daura Mr. President.


Fellow Nigerians, please send him back to Daura but be careful to ensure you live to vote another day.


Do not be one of the “dogs and baboons”; your country still loves and needs you.


God help us all!

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