March 25, 2019

Female Masturbation Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Female Masturbation  Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Gone are the days when people believed that touching themselves would make them sterile or give them erectile dysfunction.

Studies have shown that pleasuring oneself is not only healthy, but also normal. Well, at least for the menfolk. Female masturbation is still very much a taboo. Men talk openly about their predilections for self-stimulation without anyone batting an eyelid. For men, pleasuring themselves is the norm. It is not considered perverse or deviant. It is a normal daily routine. For women, masturbation is a an awkward state of affairs.

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Female masturbation is not considered normal – far from it. It is shrouded in a cloud of shame. Female masturbation is regarded as unnatural and dirty. Because of this stigma, most women refrain from pleasuring themselves and those who do would never admit it. They see it as a dirty little secret that no one should ever find out about. We have been taught that female masturbation is not for good girls. It is something only promiscuous, morally loose women engage in. If a woman admits to flicking her bean, she is regarded as a sexual deviant. It is like female masturbation is a weird kink. If you tell a man that you occasionally touch yourself, he automatically thinks you are a sexual freak who will be down for anything in the bedroom. While men are free to talk about beating their meat and even post about it on social media, women can’t. Female masturbation is discussed in hushed tones, if it is ever discussed at all because it is seen as something sinful.

It is high time the society stopped making women feel shame and guilt for exploring their bodies. Petting your kitty is not something you should be embarrassed about. It is a completely natural action. The stigma of female masturbation persists because we live in a misogynistic and sexist society that still believes that women exist solely for the pleasure of men. The society believes that women don’t have sexual needs and even if they do, men rather than themselves should satisfy those needs.

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According to standardmedia, women, just like their male counterparts, get sexual urges. Men aren’t the only ones who need to get off when they feel sexually aroused. So why is it considered okay for men to touch themselves to get off but when a woman does it she is a filthy, sex-crazed whore? Masturbation is as natural for women as it is for men. It is as natural as any other bodily urge. It is not a perverse act. It is as naturally as getting something to eat when you feel hungry. Masturbation is not a male only thing. Masturbation is masturbation and anyone of any gender should not feel insecure or inhibited to do it. It has been established that masturbation is beneficial for a woman’s physical, mental and sexual well being so it is a damn shame that more women aren’t doing it.

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