Femi Bakre: “We Once Got into Trouble for Using a Pastor as Meme”- KraksTV Founder

Femi Bakre: “We Once Got into Trouble for Using a Pastor as Meme”- KraksTV Founder

Femi Bakre, the founder of popular social media comedy platform Kraks TV mentioned that his medium almost got him into trouble for using Pastors and church ministers as a meme.


Femi is the elder brother of former big brother Nigeria housemate Tobi Bakre, graduated from the prestigious institution University of Lagos where he graduated from the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering where he graduated as the best overall student in 2014.

Femi whose aim and objective in life is to own a conglomerate of companies and NGOs with the sole purpose of adding value to the average Nigerian and if possible reaching the western. With the aid of the internet, Tobi’s dream is rapidly reaching its peak after he was named one of the most influential youths in this generation.

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In the last one year, Kraks TV has moved from being just an online media platform and has elaborated into a major source of entertainment on the internet. During an interview he mentioned that his slapstick and their humorous concept has gotten them into trouble and has caused some backlash from major elites in the society.

Their contents are original and creative, but there is  always a limit to the excesses posted on the internet. Kraks TV is renowned for setting trends on the internet, nonetheless it gets them into trouble but they usually escape through the skin of their teeth.

Furthermore, Kraks TV as a medium to support and promote upcoming talents in the entertainment industry. They include personnel such as comedians, singers, producers and rappers, etc. many of whom have gained recognition and boundless opportunities through their platforms.

With hundreds of millions of views and followers on the internet, Kraks TV is the spear header of other social media online platforms.

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