Nigeria seeks liberal visa policy among D-8 countries

Nigeria seeks liberal visa policy among D-8 countries

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has called on the D-8 Organisation for Economic Development to liberalise its visa as a deliberate policy to boost tourism among member states.

The D-8 member countries are Nigeria, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Turkey.

The minister made the call on the heels of the resolve by the D-8 to prioritise tourism development among its members as outlined by the Secretary General, Dr. Seyed Mousavi, during a courtesy visit to the minister in Abuja wednesday.

“I think one area that the D-8 must work on and, if they really want to succeed, they must make sure that there is no barrier in terms of visa among these eight countries. You cannot grow trade, talk less of tourism, if there is visa restriction. It’s the free movement of people that will guarantee the free movement of trade,” he said.

Mohammed observed that it was not by coincidence that the countries with the highest traffic of tourists are those whose visas are least difficult to access. Read more

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