Finally – reason why many Nigerians are denied US visas

Finally – reason why many Nigerians are denied US visas

Why are many Nigerians denied US visas? Well, we may finally have an answer.

Kathryn Berck, former US Diplomat and Consular Officer at U.S. Department of State has provided reasons why Nigerians find it difficult to get US visas.

Berck, in response to a question posed on provided a few invaluable insights.

The first is actually quite surprising – Nigerians who get US visas annually are more than those who are refused. According to her “In 2017, only 44.95% of Nigerian applicants for US nonimmigrant visas were refused. That is less than half.”

Then providing a reason why they refused, the former diplomat says it was mostly because they lied. “ They could not convince a US consular officer that they intended to visit the US only briefly, for a rational reason, and then go home again. Part of that inability to convince was due to false/forged/counterfeited documents, and lies of what I call kindergarten quality.”

Berck was sympathetic noting that many honesty Nigerians are paying for the sins of a few dishnest ones. “It’s too bad that many honest Nigerians are stymied by the dishonesty of others, but it is what it is.”

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