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Finding ways to keep your feet dry in the Rain

Finding ways to keep your feet dry in the Rain

If the fear of soggy socks is enough to keep you confined to your home during a stiff downpour, it may be time to invest in some footwear that’s appropriate for wet weather. Materials like leather and Gore Tex provide excellent water resistance, or you could try waterproofing an old pair of sneakers using a repellent wax or oil. Y ou’ll want to keep your distance from puddles, heavy streams, and other wet spots that could leave you with wrinkly toes.

  1. Pull on a pair of rain boots.
  2. Switch to shoes that are made from water-resistant materials.
  3. Waterproof your shoes yourself.
  4. Invest in some quality shoe covers.
  5. Wear wool socks.
  6. Cover your feet with plastic bags.

This trick works well with ordinary sneakers and boots, but may not be as successful when attempted with slip-ons, heels, dress shoes, or similar styles.

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