Finnish refugee documentary wins film awards

Finnish refugee documentary wins film awards

A new documentary directed by Hamy Ramezan and comedian Ali Jahangiri has received the main award for over 30-minute domestic films at the Tampere Film Festival. The film, Refugee Unknown, is a rare look at the Europe-wide asylum seeker migration from the point of view of the refugees themselves.

“I didn’t want my camera to lie at all,” director Ramezan says. “These people are often misrepresented and rendered faceless in the media. Words like ‘flood’ and ‘horde’ are used and there’s a lot of fear-mongering. I knew that wasn’t the whole story and I wanted to show people that and help calm the situation down.”

Ramezan is an accomplished film director, and Refugee Unknown is his first documentary. He says he found the style of the film as an answer to the topic’s needs.

“I wanted the imagery to not be manipulated. I noticed that when you stand still for long enough, life starts to happen right in front of the camera. I didn’t need to seek out what the film needed, those things came on their own,” Ramezan says. Read more


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