First city centre conference for men in Africa holds in April

First city centre conference for men in Africa holds in April

The inaugural edition of the Recall Conference for Men will hold on April 28, 2018 at The Balmoral Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, organisers of the event, The Yetunde Bernard Company said in Lagos on Tuesday.

Theme is ‘The 21st Century Male: The Hustle is Real!’

The company said the conference is an unbiased, City-Centre conference for the urbane Man aged 20-45 years.

A statement issued by the company said it is a deliberate invasion of the norm and seeks to mobilise, inspire and empower the African man as an entity able to provide applied solutions to Africa’s challenges and develop insight on pressing issues thereby shaping culture and impacting the course of history.

The conference, which focuses on Purpose and Passion, The place of Identity in finding Freedom and Peace, proffering practical steps to create a more balanced and fulfiling life for Men, will explore a world currently embroiled in an equality dispute.

RCM 2018 brings organisations and delegates from around Africa to interact with thought leaders and learn how to leverage on the status of the African man to create productivity platforms on all fronts.

According to Project Manager of the conference, Adegoke Obembe, “The Recall Conference for Men is an invasion of the norm. It is designed specifically to serve as a resource point for men. Men have become the endangered species not because they have more challenges, but because they don’t speak about these challenges. This conference is to serve as a platform where men can converge and connect, sharing thoughts and ideas”.


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