Five Reasons Why Mile 12 Is The Best Food Market In Lagos

Five Reasons Why Mile 12 Is The Best Food Market In Lagos

The Mile 12 market located in the Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos is widely regarded as the largest and best food market in Lagos State.

This market situated on a very large expanse of land just after Ketu along Ikorodu is always teeming with traders selling foodstuffs on open stalls to wheel-barrow pushers who help buyers convey their purchased goods to any location for a specified fee.

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Here are five reasons why Mile 12 Market is the best:

  1. The Availability Of Food Items

The widespread availability is what makes Mile 12 market very unique amongst others in Lagos. Food trailers from the northern part of the country often make their first stop at the market.

This is why the market is always ever-busy every day of the week.


  1. Very Affordable Prices

Due to the aforementioned point about the widespread availability of food items, it is very affordable especially in comparison to any other food market in the state.

The prices of groceries in the market makes it a haven for party planners and caterers who prefer shopping at the market because of huge bargains, especially in large quantities.


  1. Variety Of Choices

The sheer amount of foodstuffs available makes it easier for any potential buyer to shop around looking for the best bargain in relation to price and quality.

The choices are so many one may even feel cheated after purchasing an item only to see the same item at a cheaper price with another seller.


  1. Relative Honesty Of The Traders

The number of traders of different tribal extraction competing for the attention of potential customers reduces the penchant for dishonesty.

This is because the trader knows a customer can get what he is selling at a reduced price elsewhere within the market ergo, traders are forced to be honest whilst appealing to the sensibilities of the customer.


  1. Proximity To The Fruit Market In Ketu

The fruit market in Ketu boosts the local economy in Mile 12 and vice versa in a seemingly mutually beneficial relationship.

The fruit market offers some of the cheapest prices for fruits you can get in the metropolis and customers who come from afar can just take advantage of the proximity to Mile 12 and shop for their groceries.

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