Flavour’s ‘Power to win’ has a different Flavour – Peju Akande

I swear, if not for Flavour’s half naked torso that was all over the video, I would never have believed the song was his.

Give me the Power to Win plays like K’naan’s Waving Flag and D’Bbanj’s On top of the World. These songs are not very dance floor friendly even though their catchy lyricism often appeals to a much wider audience…the type that don’t know how to wind their waists to lock in every rhythm and lyric.

The video, produced by Peppemints Films tells a story. Shot somewhere in Nigeria,  it opens with a younger version of Flavour walking through what we can describe as life and documenting events in his jotter. We see his demo CD rejected but that doesn’t’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. He sings: “They are fast, I am faster, they are strong but I’m stronger, I’m the best, so I can beat my chest…”

And what a chest Flavour beats in this video that glorifies his well chiseled body displayed in full on a beach.

Production quality is good and the pictures are sharp all of which come in as a plus for Flavour, who’s constantly proving that he’s much more that those highlife lyrics we’ve come to identify him by.

photo source: http://www.360nobs.com

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