Fnding an international school for your expat child

Fnding an international school for your expat child

International schools have seen phenomenal growth in recent years. An increasingly globalised workforce has led to huge demand for school places, and the indications are that, rather than slowing down, this trend is only likely to accelerate.

As a result, the number of students at international schools has more than doubled in the last 10 years, and is forecast to double again over the next 10.

A UK-based curriculum is the most widely-available, offered by four in 10 international schools. Meanwhile, English-language international schools cater for a wealth of different nationalities. Just over 60 are represented among the 915 students at the British School in Tokyo (BST), said principal Brian Christian.

Around half have a British passport, although the fastest growing group is students who have dual nationality where one parent is Japanese, he added. Read more


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