May 22, 2018

Folashade: Praiz don spoil pata pata – Toni Kan

Folashade: Praiz don spoil pata pata – Toni Kan

Well, it seems like after Praiz joined the beard gang, he decided to join ‘bad gang’ too

I just saw the brilliant video by Praiz for Folashade. It’s so brilliant it could pass for a short film until you begin to think about it deeply then you see all the questions and loopholes. If she died in the bath what was he doing in the middle of the street? etc.

But let’s just suspend dis-belief and enjoy the aesthetics and its enveloping-pushing agenda. Folashade must be the first Nigerian music video to show nudity on that scale; first a shot from the back with that taut and pert derriere and then from the front showing the breasts.

But it is a beautiful song one on which Praiz takes us on a journey to show the full range of his beautiful voice. One minute he is crooning and the next he is screaming, his voice pock-marked by that pain so familiar to anyone who has loved deeply and lost spectacularly. This, here, is a classic love song, one that many will play on dark lonely nights after a woman or man that has pushed ‘all your buttons’ and ‘burst your brain’ decides to take a hike.

In many ways, Praiz seems to have, with the video for Folashadae,  reached the terminus of the journey he embarked on with ‘Body Hot’ (ft. Jesse Jagz and Stonbwoy) and then ‘69’ with bad boys Burna Boy and Ikechukwu who sings about her sitting on his face.

Watch Folashade for the beautiful song and sentiments but watch if for Toni Tone’s amazing bod.

True true, Praiz don spoil o.

Note: This article has been edited to remove the reference to 9ice – Editor

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