March 24, 2019

Forcepoint Proffers Solution to Reduce Cyber Attack by 96 Percent

Forcepoint Proffers Solution to Reduce Cyber Attack by 96 Percent


Christo Vanstaden, regional manager of Forcepoint Cybersecurity solutions has lauded his firm’s capacity to handle cybersecurity.

He said the increasing records of breaches experienced in recent times are as a result of human errors in a speech about the challenges of securing corporate information in this digital age. The speech was given at the CBC Tower, in Lekki Lagos.

‘Forcepoint solution will use a human-centric approach to fight cyber-attacks. A human-centric approach is necessary because the human element is present in almost all cases of exploits and one needs to understand all of these behaviors. In fact, 81 percent of hacking-related breaches have exploited compromised credentials and as you know, people make mistakes,’ he said.

He also tipped one of Forcepoint’s product, the Next-Gen Firewall, as able to reduce cyber-attacks up to 96 percent and slash incident response as much as 73 percent.

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‘Our CASB has one of the broadest application supports with unique customized risk assessment based on behavior and data access classification, he said.’  ‘instead of trying to manage this extended network or figure how to block all the various access points and to make sense of all the events, we suggest you focus on the two true constants which are people and data. The intersection of people and data, we believe, will be much more effective in protecting your critical data and IP,’ he added


‘To protect the human point, you have to understand the rhythm of your people and the flow of your data. You have to understand the normal operating flow of your people, where the data is going, who’s handling it. Bringing those two together gives you visibility; it gives you a way of having a single policy across distributed systems. It allows you quick enforcement and it allows you to meet compliance regulations.’

He also talked about the Human Point System as an interlinking factor in the discourse about managing systems to reduce attack.

‘This broad portfolio helps to address and understand the rhythm of people and the flow of your data. It brings together User Behavioral Analytics, UEBA, Data Loss Prevention, DLP, Insider Threat, Cloud Access Security Broker, CASB, Next-Gen Firewall, Data Guard, Web and Email Security- all, under an umbrella, analytics, common management, and orchestration,’ Vanstaden explained.



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