March 21, 2019

Forget Tiwa; What is Wrong with Wizkid? – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Forget Tiwa; What is Wrong with Wizkid? – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Tiwa Savage is one savage chic.

Pardon my cheap opening. And I did not actually want to say chic. I wanted to use the b-word. But that could easily be misconstrued. The b-word swings both ways.

So I hear she gave y’all the middle finger.

As in chic said the words;

“DO-YOUR-WORST!!” complete with the clapping between words.

Ah Ah!

Tiwa snatched all our wigs and went there.

So we were busy whispering a few months ago about her rumoured thing with the latest mama put… e pepper stew maker… ya Boy Wizzy. In fact, I took some minutes from my actual life and wrote about the wild Tiwai. that always was but we are just starting to find out.

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The beginning of Tiwa Savage’s career is what we can compare to Hannah Montana before Hannah wore flesh coloured latex ‘pant’ that was entering her butt and carrying a foam hand. 

She became Miley Cyrus by forcing her dry twerking, grinding on Robin Thicke and bringing her tongue out like ‘Ewu’ when it is in the process on becoming ‘Isi Ewu’.

Tiwa has torn her good girl veil to shreds. She is still Tiwa Savage but the savage is now in caps lock, complete with exclamation marks.

Tiwa SAVAGE!!!!


So if we are counting good girls, when we reach Simi on the alphabet, we will skip the letter T and jump to Yemi Alade.

This is not a Tiwa bashing article. I REPEAT. This is not a Tiwa bashing article.

I am actually impressed.

We are a tough crowd. I did not think she had it in her to flip the bird on us, forget how we want to view her as a mother, as a mature woman and as an almost divorcee and actually gyrate with that man. 

(I will NEVER call him a kid again. I saw a full grown man commanding white rice with Yoruba stew dished from a well-used ladle on a beach… don’t try to make sense of what I just said, I did not give it much thought)

She knew exactly how we would feel about it and she capitalized on it by wearing paiynt, waist beads and chiffon while allowing the former kid to romance her for VEVO views.

Shebi we gossiped that they were dating? Oya, carry this stew to chop with hot yam.

I haven’t brought myself to watch more than the trailer.

Mummy JamJam.

Aunty T.

Don’t take the above personal. We women of a certain age are subjected to disappearing individuality when we have kids. I am called mummy and aunty as well to remind me of my age and how I am meant to behave.

On a serious note. I salute Tiwa. I don’t approve, of course. Nothing religious. I simply don’t see how this adds to her image as an artiste apart from the views. I frankly don’t think she needs this notoriety. But wetin be my own? I am not the target audience and she is proud of the voyeuristic food they served.

So I salute her because she is a solid woman who is writing her own story exactly how she wants to. Society can kiss her black…well dark brown tush. Why tie a widower scarf and confess to how your husband is the bad guy and you are a saint so that we should pity you in an unnecessary confession? 

Tiwa will never need to do that. Lessons have been learnt. She is living her best life and you all can watch and talk about it.

It is actually Wizzy that I am disappointed in.


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Where is the decorum?

A father of 3 children o!

How will his kids view him when they grow up and see this video? He was behaving like a horny slut. No home training. We could see his chest and all fa!!!!!

This will surely be the downfall of his career. If he had done this when he was 22, we would have called it youthful exuberance but now at the old age of 40 (according to Loosetalk) he is having a full blown middle age crisis.

Who is he trying to prove anything to? He has established himself as a talented singer, he does not need to act all sexy and desperate.

What is our society coming to? When single fathers are not cowering in the shame at their failures but coming out in public to flaunt themselves.

Who will even agree to marry him again?

No self-worth. That is my conclusion.

If he valued himself, he would not have done that video.

Will he ever get a serious endorsement anymore?

I will keep him in my prayers and beg men out there not to use him as their role model.

No one should throw away all values and behave in this manner.

Let me go and drink Panadol for this their Fever….

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  1. Obinna

    Hi. Nice article. However, I think it was a bit biased of you not to be as harsh on Tiwa as you were on Wiz. Would it be that, as a mature woman, you sort of envy her freedom to express herself in a society that is perceived to be “restrictive” on women? A closet admiration, perhaps? She is a parent too and an almost enstranged wife. But surely you should have thrown some her way too is you want a message to be passed.

    1. Biodun

      I admire her openly. This is satire. It isn’t about Wizkid or Tiwa it is about how society blame women for the same thing men get away with. So I flipped it by blaming Wizkid.


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