FORGET Valentine’s Day. Holidays are for falling in love (Telegraph)

FORGET Valentine’s Day. Holidays are for falling in love (Telegraph)

The millennial age of Tinder has made romantic encounters while travelling the world much simpler, creating a pool of endless dating opportunities. But the quest for true love on the go has not become any easier.

So is it even possible for travellers to form lasting relationships beyond holiday romances and fall in love? One American psychologist believes so and might have found the most efficient way to establish a deep connection with anyone, wherever you are in the world, in just under an hour.

Dr Arthur Aron, research professor at New York’s Stony Brook University, has been exploring the mysteries behind love and human interaction for around 50 years after he fell in love with his wife (fellow psychologist and researcher Dr Elaine Aron) in 1968.

 But one of his most famed studies in recent years has become one looking at “interpersonal closeness”, which may be the key to forming meaningful connections with strangers. Read more

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