France shuts down ‘halal’ supermarket and Muslims are angry (Alaraby)

France shuts down ‘halal’ supermarket and Muslims are angry (Alaraby)

A Muslim owned supermarket in France has been shut down for “violating its terms of lease” by refusing to sell alcohol and pork under grounds.

The Good Price mini-market in Colombes, located in Paris is required to be a “general food store” according to its licence and must meet the needs of all of its inhabitants, meaning it must sell pork and alcohol, but that defeats the purpose of its halal credentials.

The owner Soulemane Yalcin opened his store in 2015 and turned it into a supermarket that sells halal produce.

In what is being described as an Islamophobic campaign online, after Yalcin opened his store, locals began to complain that they could no longer buy alcohol and pork at the said supermarket and urged local authorities to get it replaced. Read more

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