From Linda Ikeji to China – Tee

From Linda Ikeji to China – Tee

I know this is coming weeks later but I just had to say it oh, Linda Ikeji has done it again she has shut all her enemies’ mouth. Did you see her house? It is unbelievable; I am not even bothered about the structural house itself I am more interested in the amount it was bought. My God!!!!! I need that kind of money right now in my life oh… I have been cracking my brain even after weeks, of the acquisition on how to get this kind of money. I am a blogger but I haven’t seen this kind of money oh.

Linda Ikeji House

Well as always I did a little research and I have realized that a lot of times success is in line with time and chance. When Linda Ikeji started blogging, one could count the amount of bloggers on the tip of their fingers. In fact a lot of people didn’t know anything about blogging. Internet access wasn’t so accessible and affordable. Smart phones hadn’t become bigger.  Fast forward to now when we have over 100 Nigerian bloggers me included, the numbers are much more outside the Nigerian blogging sphere. Where it was a lot easier to start a blog and grow it isn’t the same today (note: I am not saying that Linda Ikeji didn’t work judiciously to get where she is now).  Today it is so much difficult breaking into blogsphere.

When Bill Gates and Steve Jobs began their journeys into becoming successful men, and brands, not many people understood what they were creating let alone encouraged them. During that time phones were as big as the current Ipads, computers could fit into a room and only very few people in the world had access to it.


Fast forward to today, cable television is almost dead because one can do everything on one’s smart phone. One can watch movies, read a novel, make orders online, monitor one’s business, have a business meeting through a smart phone, which can be put into one’s pocket. Here again is a case of time and chance.

If you comb through the malls in America and in Europe you would find one thing in common: majority of the goods are produced in China; for a change you would see Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, but China takes the larger share. Fifteen years ago this was almost impossible, but when cost of production of things increased and demand reduced companies searched for solutions, and then they discovered China, which had just begun to open its gates, welcoming business opportunities. Manufacturing began and gradually China took over the world introducing affordable production opportunities, and faster delivery time. Today most businessmen or women must have a tour round China for expansion, production in large quantities and the likes. Products irrespective of the companies from luxury products to not so luxury products can be produced in China, this is another clear case of time and chance, which has created a lot of billionaires in mainland China.

I think it is time for Nigeria to open its eyes, shine eyes and cash in on the time and chance opportunity before it becomes too late.  Let us not be left behind oh…..we can cash in on everything from human resources to manufacturing to exporting. Time and chance, Nigeria take it quickly before it leaves you behind.

I shall leave now as I am going to find my own time and chance, I must make money so I too can buy a house in Banana Island cash down.  

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