Fuel scarcity and traffic in Lagos

Fuel scarcity and traffic in Lagos


The worse part of this fuel scarcity for most Lagosians is not just the unavailability, long queues or increased cost, it is the traffic it causes.
Long queues from petrol stations spill into roads, making road users angry and more irritable than usual. When it is not the queues, it is the tankers. Lines and lines of tankers occupy the roads, especially around Apapa.

Lagos is not alone. Just last week, a commercial bus driver slumped and died on a fuel queue at NNPC in Ibadan.

The anger has spilled over to social media and people took to twitter to rant.



Well, there may be an end to the tankers-induced traffic. The Lagos State Government has ordered the tankers to vacate Alaka and Eko bridges. Babatunde Edu, the General Manager of Lagos State Transport Management Authority, led A team of government officials to the areas. He said the activities of the tamkers is making life harder for people.

He said, “The areas are gradually becoming an eye sore; and if not properly managed, this situation can worsen to the level of lawlessness and indiscipline being witnessed daily in the Apapa area.This act of insensitivity has crippled the economy of the state and denied other people their right to livelihood.

“The government will ensure that every citizen has a right to the roads. These roads are not constructed only for articulated vehicles.”
He also reminded NUPENG workers that the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority Law of 2007 restricted the driving of articulated vehicles, lorries, trailers and tankers on the BRT lite corridor between 11am and 4pm and between 11pm and 5pm.


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