Garcia Herera: Don’t amputate yet, diabetic foot is curable (ThisDay)

Garcia Herera: Don’t amputate yet, diabetic foot is curable (ThisDay)

Prior to the presentation of the diabetic foot ulcer drugs, Heberprot-P at Garki Hospital in Abuja, the Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Carlos Trejo Sosa, noted that Nigeria can become a point of reference in West Africa with the application of the novel drugs. The Medical Director of NISA Premier Hospital, Dr. Ibrahim Wada and the Cuban expert, Prof Garcia Herera, speaks with Stanley Nkwazema about diabetes and foot ulcer

TYhe NISA Premier Hospital boss, Dr. Ibrahim Wada, said, “I am Dr. Ibrahim Wada, a gynaecologist in Abuja with NISA Premier Hospital. I am also involved in NISA pharmaceuticals I think to be honest with you, I have gone to Cuba a few times myself. I have seen significant advancement in there, medicine, medical technology, and the expertise are overwhelming. I am very satisfied with the knowledge that combining the Cuban expertise with the Nigerian expertise will go a long way to help solve our healthcare issues.” Read more

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