Gulder launches new look

Gulder launches new look

What’s better than a bottle of Gulder? Gulder with a brand new label!

After 48 years of unprecedented success, everyone’s favorite beer has taken a bold new step with the launch of a new slick Label. The brand, which has always been big on transformation, has launched a new label for its bottled drinks.

The new aesthetics perfectly encapsulates Gulder’s new positioning in the market. After years of thriving in a rather competitive market, Gulder will now be re-enforcing its mandate as the ultimate beer brand with this beautifully designed Label.

Back in 2014, the Gulder bottle was redesigned to a slimmer, more attractive look. Now after almost 4 years, the Gulder label will be getting a new aesthetics as Gulder takes the next step in its evolution. The brand which is big on inspiring its customers to live their ultimate lives.

With the new facelift, the Gulder bottle looks strikingly revolutionized. The iconic helmet, which has made the Gulder brand so revered, remains at the center of logo and compliments the new outlook of the beautifully designed Label.

Gulder has certainly turned heads with this bold direction and it’s certain new and existing customers will take to the new look and feel.




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