Getting Freaky: Will You Really Die If Someone Blows Air Into Your Vagina?

Getting Freaky: Will You Really Die If Someone Blows Air Into Your Vagina?

There’s a reason women don’t get “blow” jobs.

Like an old rerun of Sex and the City, we’re about to go where others simply have not.

Get ready to explore the unknown or the rarely discovered to get you the answers you didn’t even realize you’d been craving!

There are lots of ways to perform cunnilingus, and one of those ways also apparently has a track record that’s as dangerous as it is sexy.

So, what’s the grand question?

What happens when someone blows into your vagina while performing cunnilingus?


That’s right! Blowing air into your lady’s vagina during oral sex is apparently is a real turn on for lots of people. Who knew? And, believe it or not, the answer to the posed question is not always “an orgasm.” In fact, it can actually be pretty terrible.

Now, full disclosure: I’ve never had anyone blow in my vagina, so I’m not sure if I’m inexperienced or just safe. That said, I can only imagine and help you to imagine how it works. Personally, it seems a bit like a Wet Willy — cold and unexpected. But, perhaps there’s something sexy about watching as your partner performs oral and then sensually (the key?) blows their warm breath into your vagina.But what I do know about it is this: It’s been said that blowing air into the vigina can be fatal, as it supposedly causes an air embolism.

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