Girl dies from chewing gum

Girl dies from chewing gum

A nineteen year old girl has died from eating too much chewing gum and swallowing some of it.

Samantha Jenkins from South Wales died in a hospital days after having a violent seizure. Doctors found large lumps of chewing gum in her stomach which prevented her body from absorbing the vital minerals it needs.

Before her death, Samantha was eating at least 14 sticks of mint flavoured chewing gum every day.

At the inquest into her death, Colin Phillips the coroner said: “Sam had normal eating habits but did chew gum to excess. Sam’s death was due to complications arising from convulsions, due to electrolyte imbalance, due to malabsorption. Excessive consumption of chewing gum may have played a role in inducing this lack of minerals and mineral depletion.”


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