Giving African art a global platform (Guardian)

Giving African art a global platform (Guardian)

Art is many things to many people. To some it may be an investment, to others it may be decorative, or a form of self or cultural expression. While Art may mean different things to different people there is a consensus about its importance and the fact that it can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of age, status or cultural background.

Art appreciation and value is one of the main reasons many collectors are passionate about art, and African art is no different. African art dates back thousands of years, with evidence of rock art carvings being preserved from as far back as 6000 years. In more recent times, African art’s influence can be seen across the West and awareness and appreciation of it is growing.

Nigeria, for example, is slowly becoming an art destination for many Global collectors. The country is home to a growing number of galleries-the Lagos Photo Exhibition, the African Arts Foundation and more recently, Art X , West Africa’s 1st international art fair. Read more

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