God “told” me, to tell you, to sharap – Viola Okolie

God “told” me, to tell you, to sharap – Viola Okolie
That thing which you are planning to do, the Lord says you should not do it”.
That was a “pasta”, a decade or so ago, delivering a prophecy from “thy rod” to me. I was very certain the origin of that prophecy was not “the Lord”, and I was very willing to spend a few – what I hoped would be productive – minutes, making that fact absolutely clear. Even to the prophet.
Which of the things please?
That thing.
I heard that part, that is why I am asking for clarifications – which of the things?
Thou shall not argue with the prophet of the Lord.
But that is not what the Bible says about prophets.
What does it say?
It says, “test all prophets”. The Bible states that in the end times, a lot of prophets would come in “His” name, but admonishes us to be watchful and test all prophets so that we are not carried away by winds of strange prophecies.
Which one is enhen again? Anyway, so which of the things am I supposed not to do this year?
You know the thing.
No I don’t know the particular thing, I have a lot of things that I am supposed to do. Is it this one or that one or the other one?
Use your mind and discern.
Then why didn’t you leave me to use my mind and discern? Why did you come with your so called prophecy in the first place to cause confusion.
Leave me alone.
Why? I should be the one asking you to leave me alone. I was on my own before you came to me with your prophecy o.
Sister, you are blessed.
Before or after you tell me which of the things I plan to do this year that God said I should not do? If God asks you now will you say you delivered the message He sent you or that like Jonah, you are planning to run away from the mission?
Why are you so stubborn?
I am not stubborn, I am simply seeking for clarity. There is nowhere in the Bible where “God” dropped such a confusing message for his children. He was always clear and explicit so that they will not say it was because they did not understand. Your own God apparently seems to be different.
Sister, you are a very disobedient child of God.
How can I be disobedient when I am not even sure what I am supposed to be obeying?
Thou shalt not anger the prophet of the Lord!
Hian. But the prophet of the Lord can anger me? Abegi, deliver the full message you claimed God sent you to deliver first, make we hear word.
After we had dragged ourselves for a few minutes, the conversation ended with the “prophet” banging the phone on me and rejecting all further calls I made to him.
And that is how up till today, the God that was clear in ALL His prophecies to His people as reported by the Bible, even to the extent of naming names, giving specific timelines and describing exact occurrences to prove the prophecy was about to be fulfilled or has been fulfilled; could not drop a message for me through this confused specimen of a “prophet”.
That year, I had wanted to
1. Buy a house.
2. Embark on a foreign trip.
3. Divorce the bagger that was using me for drum practice.
4. Buy a car.
5. Make some reasonable financial investments.
If you are a keen follower of Nigerian prophets and their antics, you would know which of the above “thy rod” had sent the prophet to scare me off of, and why he thought sounding so vague and mysterious would make me standstill and refuse to move and take a firm decision in order not to offend “the spirit of thy rod”.
Unfortunately, the Lord had said clearly in His word, that his wish for us – for me, Viola – was that I should prosper and be in good health, even as my soul prospereth.
I wasn’t prospering. I wasn’t in good health. I was slowly dying – spirit, soul and body. The Lord didn’t want that for any of his children, there is as yet no evidence in the Bible, where God condoned domestic violence and admonished women to remain in harmful relationships against all odds.
It was only thy rod that could come up with such bull-kaka, and there is only one instance when I obey and worship thy rod.
So, false prophet and his prophecy ran away from me.
I accomplished ALL that I set out to do that year.
I bought and then resold the house at an amazing profit.
I made the trips and was able to realise “borku” financial proceeds from some of the sturvs I ventured into on those trips.
I bought the car and relieved my daughter of making school runs in a gwongworo that you could only be guaranteed of its leaving your house on time – getting to its destination or returning was a matter of probability.
I divorced the bomboklatt.
I invested in stocks and shares shortly before the boom and was able to exit timely before the whole skedaddle took a nose dive.
A couple of years after, I ran into that same prophet of thy rod, again.
(Continues next week…)

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