Good music makes people happy – Gospel artiste

Good music makes people happy – Gospel artiste

Michael Jagaba has said that Good music makes people happy.

“Some Nigerian music now seems to be intended to antagonise than pacify, incite than calm. Good music makes people happy. It replaces anger with happiness, hatred with love, wickedness with kindness, selfishness with service,’’ said the gospel artist.

He added that the Nigerian music industry would record much progress in 2018 if adequately supported while explaining that adequate support would enable structures for grooming and establishing talents.

He said that the support would promote production of music with meaningful messages for societal development.


Jagaba said that music, especially gospel, must impact positively on the Nigerian society through messages of hope, peace and unity and improve one’s mind, spirit and behaviour.

“Gospel music should soothe the soul, motivate and draw man closer to his Maker. When you are facing trials and when weak, you need to get strength to keep going; these are in gospel music. Some people need encouragement and a whole lot of spirituality to love others, gospel music should fill the gap. Music can enrich life in so many ways; it can be used to educate, edify, inspire and unite. This is why words in music should be carefully chosen,’’ he said.

He regretted that many citizens paid less attention to the messages of music and focused on the commercial appeal.

“There are icons that have been able to merge these factors – good messages and commercial appeal -successfully. We need to take a cue from them,” he said.

According to the musician responsible for songs like `Kabash’, `Amin’, `Emergency,’ `Tsoro’, `Babylon’, among others, adequate tutoring and financial support will make talented musicians to distinguish themselves.

Jagaba, who is a student of theatre and film arts, University of Jos, said that musicians should work more for national unity and progress.

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