March 27, 2019

Governor Udom Emmanuel steps away from Akpabio

Governor Udom Emmanuel steps away from Akpabio

Governor Emmanuel Udom seems determined to prove detractors wrong by carving his own path against the wishes of the former governor, Godswill Akpabio. The blissful political romance between the two seems to have hit the rocks.

Close observers of political events in the state are ready to swear that the dalliance would not survive the next six months.

The last two weeks have seen Governor Emmanuel acting his own man in clear antagonism to a supposed Akpabio script.

The development would effectively rubbish the basis of Akpabio’s selection and support, against all odds, for Emmanuel as his successor.

As political godfatherism goes in Nigeria, political godsons are supposed to act the script of their godfathers, but it seems Emmanuel has demonstrated early that he has his own script.

This is apparent in his most recent decisions which observers consider antithetical to Akpabio’s interests, or those of his associates.

Again, the development flies in the face of earlier expectation that ex-governor Akpabio was projecting Emmanuel as a mask behind which he would retain his grip on the state.

For this reason, some people in the state had cynically referred to Emmanuel’s administration as Akpabio’s third term. Read more


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