‘Green White Green’ premieres at Lights Camera Africa

‘Green White Green’ premieres at Lights Camera Africa

Green White Green premiered for the first time in Africa yesterday at Lights Camera Africa!

The 102 mins long movie, is the brain work of Nigerian film-maker, Abba Makama. The movie follows the story of three teenage boys making a film about Nigeria’s history. The boys; Baba (Jamal Ibrahim) Segun (Samuel Robinson) and Uzoma ( Ifeanyi Dike) are from the major ethnic groups in Nigeria.

They are young, brilliant and full of ideas. While waiting for their admission letters into the university they decided to make a film about the history of Nigeria, the good, the bad, the ugly things. They show that the persistence of Nigerians defies the odds against the people.

Uzoma (Uzzie), a self-taught painter who sells his art on the street, he would also spend a lot of time trying to convince the owner of an art gallery to showcase his work.

Baba loves film-making but his father wants him to go study in London, the pressure from his father moves him to experiment with his first short film.

Segun dreams of joining his elder brother in New York and be a Hollywood filmmaker.

Along with Uzoma’s girlfriend (Crystabel Goddy) they make a short film despite their inexperience or knowledge about filmmaking.

Green White Green is laced with humour and rich sarcasm. The movie shows the Nigerian way of life, of going after dreams with persistence despite the odds presented by the country.

At the end of the movie, Wana Udobang hosted a short talk with Abba Makama who also took questions from the audience. Some members of the crew who were at Lights Camera Africa received a standing ovation from the audience.

Abba Makama is known for his mockumentaries. He studied at New York University before moving on to work with other big media brands such as Google, Blackberry, Chanel O and MTV Base.

Lights Camera Africa, opened officially yesterday. Director of the festival, Ugoma Adegoke welcomed participants to the festival and thanked corporate bodies and individuals for their support.

The Film festival offers amazing movie screenings and music.




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