Grenfell Tower’s smoke ventilation system ‘failed days before fire’ (Guardian)

Grenfell Tower’s smoke ventilation system ‘failed days before fire’ (Guardian)

The smoke ventilation system at Grenfell Tower was reported to have failed just eight days before the fatal blaze claimed 71 lives but a proposal to fix it for £1,800 was ignored, the public inquiry has heard.

The system was meant to extract smoke from lobbies outside flats in the event of a fire and its failure has been identified by experts as a factor in the escape routes from the building filling with thick black smoke that may have prevented evacuation and rescue. However the system was not designed to clear smoke from multiple floors at once.

Martin Booth, managing director of PSB which made the system, told the inquiry that it received a request for help with the failure on 6 June 2017 after Rydon, the main contractor on the refurbishment of the building, were alerted to automatic opening vents not working. Read more

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