What do you do with a really terrible gift?

What do you do with a really terrible gift?

It’s officially the holiday season, which means it’s time to accept some terrible gifts from coworkers and second cousins and your not-so-great-at-gift-giving significant other. Don’t get us wrongit’s always the thought that countsbut it can still be hard to fake a smile while opening Grandma’s generous Holly Hobby calendar.

So, as our gift to you, we thought we’d help you out with a little guide on how to pretend you like terrible presents. Study this, practice your reactions in the mirror (since you don’t want anyone to think you’re lying), then load up on the egg nog and get ready to fake it.

The Gift: An Ugly Christmas Sweater
Ugly Christmas sweaters have become an actual “thing” now, which is unfortunate because they’re the most impractical gift you can give someone. Maybe it’s the giant snowman or the drunk-looking Santa, but either way, you can only wear this piece of clothing for, like, two weeks out of the year, tops.

So how to react? Put it on, admire yourself in the mirror, and remark how it really makes you look svelte! Keep it on until the end of the evening, take lots of selfies so you can frame one for Grams, then burn it when you get home. Read more

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