4 Personal Habits that Will Make You Successful

4 Personal Habits that Will Make You Successful

Cultivating powerful habits in your personal life will have a positive, lasting impact on your business as it grows. It goes beyond cleanliness, timeliness and being pro-active. It involves a whole lot more, with four of them highlighted below.

1.Staying Connected

Interacting with other people is at the core of doing business. If you only did business with yourself, you wouldn’t accomplish very much.  Connecting and networking isn’t just about making friends for social purposes. It’s about creating a powerful network that will support you and help you for years to come.

It doesn’t matter if you’re personally meeting new people, or if you’re facilitating an introduction between two people you already know. Both are important. The key is to make sure you’re providing real value to everyone involved.

Instead of sporadically attending “networking events” and lining your pockets with business cards you’ll never use, make connecting a way of life. Seek out interesting people and take them out for coffee. Find out how you can help them and keep in touch. If someone you know mentions a problem they’re having and you can’t help, introduce them to someone who can. In the future, when you’re the one that needs help, these people will be happy to reciprocate. Read more

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