July 22, 2018

Happy mothers day to the women of the North-East

Happy mothers day to the women of the North-East

Humans will be humans, life is programmed to ‘go on’, that is the only explanation I could fathom when the Assistant Head of NEMA disclosed that five new babies had been delivered by Internally Displaced Persons between May 7 and May 9.

The new babies, three girls and two boys were born by Internally Displaced Persons at Kalambaina, Sokoto, between May 7 and May 9.

NEMA’s Assistant Head, Sokoto Zonal Operations Office Mr Thickman Tanimu, said two were delivered on May 7 while on transit to Sokoto, two on May 8 and one on May 9, adding the mothers and children were hale and hearty.

There’s love in the midst of the war. People are having babies, something to laugh and be happy about. It is not a totally hopeless situation.

Yesterday, Channels TV ran an interview of victims of Boko Haram. The most touching one for me was of a 22 year old mother, whose husband and two sons have been killed by Boko Haram. She did not have tears in her eyes, she had a fierce look, and talked to the reporter in a strong voice, her last surviving baby however was bawling.

Today being another Mother’s day, we celebrate the women of the north east; women who have watched their families die one after the other, watched their children abducted, raped and violated.  We celebrate them for their resilience, their courage and strength.

As the military is gradually defeating Boko Haram, we pray for them, for more courage and strength to rebuild their families and society.

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