Harsh conditions for Palestinian women (MEM)

Harsh conditions for Palestinian women  (MEM)

“Harsh” and “painful” conditions await Palestinian women held in Israeli prisons, a lawyer speaking on behalf of the PLO’s Committee for Prisoners and Freed Prisoners said on Sunday. According to Hanan Al-Khatib, who visited Al-Damoun Prison on Saturday, the Israeli occupation authorities are “completely isolating the prisoners from the outside world.”

She added that women prisoners are prevented from family visits under the pretext of security; their older sons especially are banned from seeing them. They are also placed in solitary confinement and exposed to “humiliating” searches and other such “provocative measures”.

The treatment, Al-Khatib pointed out in a media statement, starts in the van on the way to prison, with “dirty insults” and worse hurled at the prisoners. These are followed by humiliations during medical treatment and overcrowding; as many as 22 prisoners can be held in just two holding cells.

The PLO Committee noted that the health and psychological conditions of the women prisoners are “difficult and painful”. The Israeli prison service, it is alleged, causes such suffering intentionally. Read more

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