Harvey Weinstein embodied the satyr but will he be the last? (Dailybeast)

Harvey Weinstein embodied the satyr but will he be the last? (Dailybeast)

The disgraced mogul epitomized of the lustful man-animal mashup of Greek myth (see also Roger Ailes and Dominique Strauss-Kahn), but hopefully the species now faces extinction.

Harvey Weinstein is ugly in every dimension of the word, physically and morally. He is also uniquely talented, a prolific enabler of other talents. Roger Ailes was just as ugly, and just as talented in a warped, malignant line of journalism. Dominique Strauss-Khanhas a touch of Roman arrogance in his face but a pig-like body and pig-like lusts. He was also so smart that he might have been president of France.

We have a genus here, male animals with shared characteristics. Each of them was clever enough to acquire vocational seats of power that they then used to satisfy unbridled appetites for beautiful women. They are, in their hideous aspects and behavior, the contemporary form of an ancient beast of mythology, the satyr. Read more

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