Hashtag #SomethingDeep

Hashtag #SomethingDeep

Why can’t I just mind my business and walk on by when I see certain things on social media? My #unlooking game is certainly not on point. And seeing how I don’t know how to sub, it becomes terribly difficult to waka pass without leaving a comment.

What is it with people that will put up a picture on FB with a post like ‘what shall I give unto the Lord for his goodness to me’ or some Bible verse totally unrelated to the photograph? I know we’re in the live and let live times but biko, what has your ample cleavage got to do with the melody in your heart? Okay, I can see how your breast is just next to your heart but still… I’m confused.

I guess it’s the need to always say something deep and what is deeper than scripture? Phil 4:9 goes very well with a picture of you posed with one hand against a palm tree and grass growing up to your knees. A quote from Nelson Mandela could also work on maybe just something highly ‘inspirational’.

Instagram is the best place to find such deep captions (and hahtags) that’ll leave you wondering if there’s something you’re missing.

Or maybe it has to do with our Nigerian mentality of faux humility, of saying ‘it’s God o’ when someone says you look good. Your fabulousness must not be seen as a sign of showing off, so God must enter the matter.

Whatever it is, those captions have given me several minutes of pure mirth and so I say thank you and keep saying #SomethingDeep.

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