March 25, 2019

HBP: The toilet habit that could indicate you have hypertension

HBP: The toilet habit that could indicate you have hypertension

High blood pressure symptoms can be mistaken for other less serious health problems, but in many cases symptoms don’t show.

If they do, some of the most well-known signs are headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness and even stomach pain.

Recognising the early signs of high blood pressure is important as it can help you avoid complications such as a heart attack.

A major symptom to note, which is often overlooked is nocturia. Nocturia is the medical name for frequent urination at night.

While it can be related to drinking too much fluid during the evening, it’s also an overlooked symptom of high blood pressure, according to Dr Sarah Brewer.

According to Dr Brewer: “Studies show that people with nocturne are more likely to have high blood pressure than those who don’t experience passing water at night.

“In one study involving 610 older people with a raised systolic blood pressure (upper reading, average blood pressure 173/86mmHg), nocturne was the most frequent complaint, affecting 68 per cent of men and women alike.

“In another study involving 5,257 men aged 20 and over, having hypertension increased the chance of nocturia by 40 per cent – a similar increase to that seen for older men with benign prostate enlargement.” Read more

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