He said he was my boyfriend, but he was really the devil

He said he was my boyfriend, but he was really the devil

Till today, I still cannot imagine how I fell for a con like Musibau at my age.  By the way, I’m 32 years and I almost lost my life because I fell for a ritualist who wanted to use me for money.

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Where did I go sef that I met such a human being? I met Musibau Akintolu at a Freedom Graduation party for one of my cousins, here in Abeokuta.

Musibau and his friends occupied the table next to me and my friends; we were all dressed in the aso-ebi. You know how things can get when food and drink is going on, everyone is happy and everyone is conversing regardless of how they got the invite.

When it was time to go home, I discovered Musibau was headed my way, so I asked him for a lift; there was nothing to be afraid of because one of my friends knew his friend.

A few days after the party, I was wearing the same aso ebi we used for the Freedom and heading for my shop, when a car stopped in front of me. It was Musibau, as it happened; he too was wearing the aso-ebi. We both laughed when I saw who it was that stopped. He asked me where I was going, I said, Onikolobo. He offered to take me there. That was how it all started. We exchanged numbers and began to call and began to meet and get close one kind.

A few days ago, Musibau called me, telling me he has secured a contract for me at a construction site to supply cement. I was so happy because business has been slow since the beginning of this year. All my contacts have just been telling me to wait, that after the elections, business will pick up.

We agreed to meet at my shop; I run a tailoring business with 4 apprentices. That day they came, I almost didn’t want to go with them because I had been feeling some cramps; I’m one of those women who hate their periods because I’m always miserable during the five days it lasts.  So I packed a few extra pads in my bag because I usually experience heavy flow during my period and I didn’t want the embarrassment of being stained.

I didn’t know my period would save me. Musibau came with his friend to show me where the construction site was.

We went toward Ojere, where the polytechnic is. Since it’s a construction site, I didn’t suspect anything bad as we were driving deep into the bush. That’s where many people build houses these days. Besides, I saw many uncompleted buildings on the way.

When we got to the building they said is the one that needed cement, I noticed the walls had already been plastered, even the floors were cemented. I was walking around to see where cement would be needed. The place smelt very bad, but I just thought, maybe rats or some other animal had died there because the smell was terrible.

Suddenly from behind, I heard a loud sound. That was me.  Somebody hit me with a plank. I turned around with fear and pain and I saw Musibau, looking like a gorilla. He beat me to nonsense, he and his friend. They tore my clothes and threatened to rape me but when they saw my bloody pad; I think what happened is that my menses came in a rush because I was so afraid. So Musibau just kicked me and covered my mouth with rags and used a rope to tie it around my head so I won’t scream. They tied my hands and feet as well.

I thought I would die there because they left and said they would come back the following day.  I told my God that I will not die there. My mother who died 5years ago is not sleeping. So I think I fainted because when I woke up, everywhere was dark and I was hearing funny noises. So I struggled to remove the rope around my legs, it cut me badly but it was better than dying like a chicken.

I somehow struggled to get out of that building, the fear was much but I had to keep running, sometimes I would fall, but I would quickly get up again and continue running.

Finally, I met some vigilante at one point and told them what happened; they kept me by the gate until day time and we went to the police.

Later that day, police took me to trace the uncompleted building and they found some dead bodies that have become rotten. Meaning that I would have become like these people. The bad part of all of these is that Musibau and his friend, Alasa have entered the ground like Lisabi; they have disappeared, like the wind.

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