Heart break syndrome is a real disease o – Emeka Nwolisa

Heart break syndrome is a real disease o – Emeka Nwolisa

In the last couple of weeks, it has been all about accolades, applause and assurance.

Davido released the single “Assurance” in appreciation of the lady in his life and it became an instant hit.

Then, Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding happened and Nigerians went gaga with all manner of analysis, motivational speeches and prayers all revolving on the theme of love.

Then Christiano Ronaldo gave Georgina Rodriguez an engagement ring that made Davido’s ‘assurance’ to Chioma look like a poor toy from jankara market.

This life self but then it’s been all about love.
Love has obviously been in the air this May and love dey sweet. But then gbege sometime happens and when like K.O. Mbadiwe stated  ‘the come comes to become’ and love hits the roof, heart breaks happen.

Before you think heart break na moi-moi, think again because the American Psychiatric Association is considering adding “heartbreak” as a new diagnosis. Not only can heartbreak have a devastating impact on the individual’s emotional health , it can be agonising, traumatic and can feel like Armageddon.
The body reacts to heart break in diverse ways. The brain thinks the individual is physically hurt while in actual fact nothing has physically been done to the individual.

All what the brain is expressing is that the pain is real. Having your heart broken can also make you either binge-eat or eat nothing. It’s all about how you cope with sadness. For some people binge eating provides a distraction from the ongoing pain while others are so racked with anxiety, they can’t even think about eating. The sight of food may even cause intense nausea and intense vomiting.

When someone is in love, the brain is inundated with feel good chemicals making you experience feelings of happiness and pleasure. When you get your heart broken those feel good chemicals wash out leaving you with stress hormones.

The stress hormones exert both physical and psychological effects. Depression would also often occur most likely from loss of self esteem triggered by the feeling of rejection.

Love is addictive so withdrawal symptoms are real oh! Just like a drug addict, the same thing happens when you’re addicted to love and suddenly find yourself without it. A heart break is like a sudden withdrawal of the drug of addiction .
Heart breaks make you want to be alone, but you’ll need to avoid it. Experts advice that when heartbroken, reach out and connect with people close to you. Go out, play games, watch movies…basically do anything that creates joy and relaxation.
Don’t play James Bond or Arnold Schwarzenegger when heartbroken. Give yourself permission to cry, laugh or play.

Live again because life is to be lived. Seeking spiritual or faith based help is also helpful. Seeking counselling and faith based help will help you appreciate that in life there are ups and downs and occasionally it could seem like a roller coaster.

So, as you scream assurance and applause or make so much noise about a prince marrying an older lady who also happens to be a divorcée, abeg watch your heart oh because heartbreak is real.

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