Heart disorders on the rise in Nigeria – Reports

Heart disorders on the rise in Nigeria – Reports

On 30th September, this year’s World Heart Day, the increase in recent times, of confirmed and suspected cases of cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes and other heart-related disorders came into sharp focus. Heart disorders are making a steady and deadly rise in Nigeria. Everyday, we read reports of persons “slumping and dying”.

The development is not unconnected with increasing number of persons diagnosed with heart failure – a final common pathway of various heart problems. Heart failure is a complex disease where the heart develops difficulty to relax and contract to distribute blood.

The risk factors of heart disease are well known. Some are preventable because they are tied to behaviours such as tobacco use, sedentary lifestyle, being overweight and obese, elevated blood pressure, blood cholesterol and diabetes. Hypertension and diabetes are medical conditions that can lead to heart failure if untreated or badly managed. The problem is made worse when people are not aware of the necessity for, or unable to afford, regular blood pressure and blood sugar checks. Read more

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