Help: ‘I Get Too Wet During Sexual Intercourse’

Help: ‘I Get Too Wet During Sexual Intercourse’

People complain about not getting “wet enough” for sexual intercourse, some women have the opposite complaint: getting too wet.

One thing I would like you to think about is “what counts as too much?” In other words, what is it about your wetness that gives you the indication that it’s too much?

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First things first; see a  gynaecologist 0r family doctor who will make a recommendation for you. The reason for this is that they can make sure that there isn’t a medical condition that is causing excessive wetness. Unfortunately, some women’s reproductive system can be sensitive to infections, pH imbalance, STIs and other things that can cause the symptom of excessive vaginal discharge.

Before you visit the doctor, make sure you have paid attention to things such as “does the discharge have an odour, what colour is it, what is its consistency e.g sticky, like mucous, milky, watery…” because it is likely that the doctor will ask these questions. In addition, they need to consider putting you on or off a birth control or other contraceptive measure. If there is a medical concern, they will advise and treat you accordingly.


Let us talk about other things that you can try.

1. Towel time: Keep a towel nearby to dry off yourself and your partner if it becomes too much. Yes, this may not be the most convenient thing to do but think about it this way; you would have to stop to switch positions anyway, right? So why should this small thing be any different?

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You can have a great sex life with your spouse this night

2. Switch positions: Favour positions that naturally increase friction e.g. positions that require you — the female partner — to keep your legs as close together as possible. Consider also laying on your side as well as rear entry with legs closed, both of which may further benefit you due to gravity.

3. Condoms:  If you prefer not to use them, consider adding them to your sexual collection. Speaking of condoms, choose the ones that do not have lubricant because you don’t need it. I also suggest that you choose those that have been designed to increase friction or higher sensation during intercourse e.g ribbed or textured in other ways.


Do not insert anything into your vagina especially before speaking to your doctor. I know that some people believe that certain herbs, stones, powders, leaves and all manner of things can be inserted to dry out your vagina but remember that a healthy vagina is as a result of a gentle balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria.

If you throw off the vagina’s optimal pH, you may end up creating the perfect thriving conditions for yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and other unpleasant yet avoidable problems.

Do not  douche or use harsh perfumed your vagina was designed to clean itself. If you really do need help in this area, then let your doctor make the appropriate recommendation.

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