Help save Morocco torture victims

Help save Morocco torture victims


In Morocco, the reward for speaking out about torture is more torture, says Amnesty international.

According to the human rights watchdog “when 27 year old activist, Wafae Charaf was tortured by the Moroccan Police in 2014,  she did what seemed logical; report the case to the government, but instead of being granted justice, she was handed a two year jail term.

22-year-old Oussama Housne did the same, reported being tortured and was also thrown in jail for three years.

The Moroccan justice system favours the police, who according to reports had tortured people with methods such as the “roast chicken” position, sexually humiliation, rape with objects such as glass bottles and batons, and burning with cigarettes.
But the complaints against the torturers are alway ignored by the authorities .

The sentencing of Wafae Chafae and Oussama Housene for “falsely reporting” torture and for slandering Morocco’s police force, even though neither of them accused the police sent a loud clear message to past, current and would be victims of the Morracan police.

This year presents an opportunity to finally end torture, as Morroco reforms its justice system.  We are calling on the authorities to protect those like Wafae and Oussama who speak out against torture and also investigate reports of torture.
The only way to stop torture in Morocco, is to give justice to survivors of torture like Wafae and Oussama and stop torture in Morocco.”

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